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2020 Modified Hydra Season

Due to COVID-19 and its myriad impacts in the community, as of September 1st, Hydra swimming will be suspending in-water training for the rest of 2020.  We will be running a Modified Dryland/Leadership Program for all athletes. See below for registration details, and registration will open on September 12!

We will resume in-water training Spring 2021 with new water, and the partnership we have been working towards.  Our vision and mission must remain intact and the only way to safely and healthily do that is to suspend. No swimming accomplishments that could be achieved in this season are worth the risks to our athletes, coaches, and families.

Hydra Swimming is dedicated to providing quality athletic training with leadership and socioemotional skills for all swimmers regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, (dis)ability, or any other personal characteristic. We condemn discrimination in all its forms, including institutional and systemic oppression. We strive to live these values every day and appreciate the opportunity to continue growing, learning, and doing better alongside you all.

2020 Modified Hydra Season

During the traditional fall/winter season, Hydra will be running 2 programs available to new and continuing families: 

Perform Dryland & Leadership Training (with USA Swimming membership): Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Dryland and Thursday Mindfulness & Community Building. Equipment bags will be distributed as well!

Aspire Leadership Training: Thursday Mindfulness & Community Building, available to all athletes, regardless of where or in what sport they may be participating.

Session 1 will run September 28-December 19. Session 2 will run January 4-March 27. Athletes can sign up for either or both and there are payment options available. Please contact the coaches at with any questions!

Registration is now open! Click this link or the Registration button to the right. 

Hydra Swimming

Unique in Cincinnati  sports, Hydra Swimming is an elite, open and inclusive, year-round competitive swim team serving all youth in the Tri-State area with a focus on the whole swimmer.  

  • Hydra is committed to the whole athlete
  • Hydra is committed to elite performance and longevity of athletes
  • Hydra is committed to excellence

But - equally as important: Hydra is committed to making swimming accessible to any child with an interest.  

Whether you're the parent of a child with a passion for swimming, or you're just interested in building a confident swimmer, there's a place for everyone at Hydra.  Contact us to learn more.

Hydra Swimming is a part of Ohio Swimming, Inc., and USA Swimming. We are not affiliated with any other school or team.

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    Phone: 513-334-6695

    Hydra Swimming
    P.O. Box 128817
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    Safe Sport Resources for Swimmers & Families

    Hydra Swimming is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all swimmers, families, coaches, and volunteers. Check out the Safe Sport page for education materials and resources for swimmers and families.