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Hydra Swimming

Unique in Cincinnati  sports, Hydra Swimming is an elite, open and inclusive, year-round competitive swim team serving all youth in the Tri-State area with a focus on the whole swimmer.  

  • Hydra is committed to the whole athlete
  • Hydra is committed to elite performance and longevity of athletes
  • Hydra is committed to excellence

But - equally as important: Hydra is committed to making swimming accessible to any child with an interest.  

Whether you're the parent of a child with a passion for swimming, or you're just interested in building a confident swimmer, there's a place for everyone at Hydra.  Contact us to learn more.

Hydra Swimming is a part of Ohio Swimming, Inc., and USA Swimming. We are not affiliated with any other school or team.

    Contact Us


    Phone: 513-667-0609

    Hydra Swimming
    P.O. Box 128817
    Cincinnati, OH 45212

    Registration Request: ALL Families, New and Returning