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"Excellence in Competition, the Classroom, and the Community"

Our success starts with our core values and philosophies:

Excellence in Competition

  • Outstanding athletes of Hydra

  • Technical focus

  • Longevity of the athlete’s development

Excellence in the Classroom

  • Use swimming to build whole athlete

  • Develop skills for academic achievement

  • Support for students needing extra time for schoolwork

Excellence in the Community

  • Athlete leadership board

  • Service through swimming

  • Swim meets like H2OPE, Disability, City Champs

  •  Lessons/work with younger swimmers

  •  Fundraising for community organizations

The overall themes are our dedication to your swimmers as complete, well-rounded people and our commitment to excellence.  We set high expectations for the team as athletes and members of the community, and we challenge you to find the strength to meet those goals.