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I can not say enough about the Hydra Swim Team. My grandson started with Hydra three years ago. He was swimming with a summer club team but not really making any progress in his swimming technique. Within the first season he had made huge gains due to the awesome coaching staff. The coaches take the time to get to know each swimmer and give direct instruction to build on the strengths of the individual while working on weaknesses. Every swimmer, no matter the level, is treated as a valuable part of the team. If you are going to be the next Michael Phelps or just want to swim for some exercise, everyone is important. It is this all inclusive mentality that makes Hydra such a wonderful team to be a part.

Rebecca N. (Chase's Guardian)

Hydra has been an amazing experience for my sons.  The two of them have very different personalities and I've always been amazed to see how the coaches can accommodate each one of them and all of the other Hydra swimmers with such individualized instruction based on their specific needs. Hydra is an organization that not only teaches them outstanding skills in the area of swim competition, but also places an emphasis on discipline and community.

Melinda O. (parent of two Hydra swimmers since it's inception)

We choose to swim for Hydra because Maddie and Leslie focus on the whole child.  They build confidence by leading kids to face their fears and praise them for their hard work and courage. They develop compassion for others through sportsmanship and acceptance of others for who they are. They speak to the kids’ sense of adventure and excitement, allowing them to express themselves and have fun while working hard. These important qualities they foster in our children will be applicable for their entire lives.  Even after a long, difficult day at school, our kids are proud of what they can accomplish in (and outside of) the pool, thanks to Hydra.

Jen M. (Mother of three Hydra swimmers)

We feel that Hydra is the perfect team for our daughter and she feels the same way! The coaches and staff are great! They are very encouraging and push you to do your best without jeapordizing the swimmers' safety. Hydra is diverse in many aspects, which makes them unique in comparison to other swim teams.  Our daughter calls Hydra her second family. She likes that the swimmers take swimming seriously but that they also have lots of fun! She has been swimming with Hydra for 3 years now and  is continually growing in her skills and abilitites!

The Phifer Family

As my daughter was finishing soccer in 6th grade, it was evident that swimming was really the only sport she wanted to and would be able to continue in junior high.  My children had never done "club" sports and I was hesitant to sign them up for something that made our lives more stressful, took away from family time, or that was financially prohibitive.  I really wasn't sure the next step.  I asked around and a few people mentioned that there was a new club swimming team being formed that would swim out of Walnut Hills HS.

It sounded too good to be true.  By the time I reached out, we had just missed sign ups for winter season.  However, Maddy and Leslie said it wasn't an issue and just to come and they would see where she fit. Flexibility--score one!  We showed up and my daughter was nervous, but they took the time to see her swim, talk to me about placement, and gave me the paperwork.  I read it over and couldn't believe this team existed--school and swimmers were priority, not just winning.  She could swim from where she was and the fact that she wasn't the fastest didn't mean she wasn't welcome.  Whole child--score two!

Note that my child can talk away at home, but is usually very quiet and reserved with new people and groups.  About three weeks after she started swimming, I was picking her up and Maddy came over to me and told me how much she was enjoying my daughter and that she was hilarious.  Wait, my daughter is already comfortable enough to open up and be hilarious in less than a month--score three!  They knew her well enough already to push her at the right times and let her develop on her own at others. Wow!

About 6 months later, my son, almost an 11th grader, came to me and told me that he wanted to focus on swimming because that was his best chance to make it to States.  I wasn't going to tell him he couldn't, but this was a kid who had never swum more than city leagues in the summer.  And, he is a very different child than his sister and he doesn't love extra work.  I didn't need to worry. The coaches gave him exactly what he needed and he worked hard with their tireless encouragement and coaching.  And, in 18 months, his relay team finished 9th at States. Unbelievable--score four!

Fortunately, Hydra's reasonable fees made it affordable for both my children to swim.  My son continues to swim on club in college and coaches younger children on swim team.  He has developed a deeper love of swimming and it's part of his life.  I attribute this to everything that Hydra is--giving the swimmers what they need to succeed regardless of their goals and abilities.  They make it fun and affordable for families and are flexible and understanding when life happens.

My daughter's high school and club swimming story is still being written.  She is dropping times, having fun, making friends, and achieving her goals.  It's amazing to watch her love of swimming continue to develop.

Hydra has been the perfect fit for our family--financially and athletically.  We also love the vibe of the Hydra family of parents.  We are supportive, inclusive, understanding, and open. It's exactly how a club team should grow swimmers into healthy adults!

Martha F. (Mother two Hydra swimmers, one past one present)

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